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English Learner Advisory Council

All school sites with 21 or more English Learner students have an elected English Learner Advisory Council (ELAC) that meets at least four times a year.  This committee is comprised of parents and staff, with parents of English Learner students making up the majority of the committee.  The intent of the Eucalyptus ELAC is to fully inform and include English Learner parents in decisions that affect the school site and specifically English Learner students.  Meetings are held in the Parent Center (Room 27) throughout the year.


Official members serving on the Eucalyptus ELAC for the 2018-19 school year include:


Mr. M. Goldstein - Principal

Mrs. V. Cuevas - EL Special Projects Teacher

Mrs. Amparo Gutierrez - Parent

Mrs. Vanessa Rodriguez- Parent

Mrs. Patricia Alvarez- Parent

Mrs. Julieta Renteria – Parent

Mrs. Lorena Galvez – Parent