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Schools Served

  • Eucalyptus School
  • Jefferson School
  • Kornblum School
  • Ramona School
  • Washington School
  • York School
  • Zela Davis School
  • Bud Carson Middle School
  • Hawthorne Middle School
  • Prairie Vista Middle School


Elementary School Sites:
2:30-6:00 p.m.
Wednesday Program begins at 2:00 p.m.

Middle School Sites:
3:00-6:00 p.m.
Wednesday Program begins at 2:00 p.m.

Contact Information

Bea Travaglia, Project Facilitator
Hawthorne School District 
(310) 263-3968

Alicia Del Bueno, Secretary
Hawthorne School District 
(310) 263-3978

Summer Vilkins, Director of Programs for Richstone Family Center
Richstone Family Center 
(310) 970-1921 ext. 128

Alberto Castañeda, Program Manager
(424) 241-6676

Jacqueline Jones, Program Specialist
(323) 839-4677


Academic Lifelong Learning (A.L.L.) After School Program

A.L.L. Vision (Bigger Picture)
Each child will develop a sense of self ;
through confidence, feeling of belonging,
academic achievement, and individual creativity


A.L.L. Mission Statement (Our Intentions)
Provide students with an open and supportive environment

that encourages discovery of their individual potential.

A collaboration between the Hawthorne School District and the Richstone Family Center.

The A.L.L. Program is designed to help students increase their academic achievement, provide a safe and supportive place after school, as well as have fun with friends and caring adults while developing social relationships and engaging in enriching activities.

Public Notice

This notice is to inform the public that the Hawthorne School District is applying for the 21st Century Community Learning Centers (CCLC) grant in order to expand our afterschool program. The Hawthorne School District has been operating the Academic Lifelong Learning (A.L.L.) After School Program at the elementary and middle schools since 2006. Under federal regulations, the 21st Century CCLC grantees are required to provide similar program opportunities for both public and private school students within the specific service area. 21st Century CCLC grant programs are required to offer academic support, educational enrichment, family services and nutritious snacks on a regular basis.

We welcome the opportunity to collaborate on program planning issues regarding the identification of student needs and the offering of program services. Program services for private students, however, must be “secular, neutral, and non-ideological.”

Please contact Michelle Prostrollo, A.L.L. Program Project Facilitator,  She may also be reached via telephone at (310) 676-2276.


The Hawthorne School District's afterschool program is a structured, supervised program funded through Prop. 49 After School Education and Safety funds. The Academic Lifelong Learning (A.L.L.) Program is committed to serving students everyday, for a minimum of three hours from the end of the school day. The program provides three core components to each student daily; Homework, Disguised Learning and Enrichment. During homework time students have an opportunity to get help with their homework from their Program Leader, who is a trained, caring adult. During disguised-learning activities, students participate in activities that support the instructional day curriculum. Our final component is Enrichment activities which can include music, dance, nutritional activities, the arts, sports, computers and much more. Many of the program activities are hands-on, project based lessons that allow students to utilize 21st Century Skills; like collaboration with others and various forms of communication. A nutritious snack is provided daily to each student.

The A.L.L. program is a safe and supportive environment for all children to learn, have fun, and feel good about themselves. We are committed to helping students achieve academic success, increase their self-confidence and discover their individual potential! We want to help students do better in school and increase their capacity to get along with others.



Cristina Garcia, Site Coordinator
Eucalyptus School
(310) 896-6917

Selene Maldonado, Site Coordinator
Jefferson School
(310) 863-5765

Victoria Espinoza, Site Coordinator
Kornblum School
(310) 896-6895

Douglas Moran, Site Coordinator
Ramona School
(310) 896-6570

Susana Gutierrez-Estrada, Site Coordinator
Washington School
(310) 863-9784

Carla Gonzalez, Site Coordinator
York School
(310) 896-6952

Noemi Nevarez-Soto, Site Coordinator
Zela Davis School
(310) 863-3766

Elizabeth Castillo, Assistant Site Coordinator
Zela Davis School
(310) 896-6978

Dyquiesha Littleton, Site Coordinator
Bud Carson Middle School
(310) 345-8611

Josh Esquivel, Site Coordinator
Hawthorne Middle School
(310) 863-9946

Eric Cortez, Site Coordinator
Prairie Vista Middle School
(310) 863-9726

The Hawthorne School District works in partnership with the Richstone Family Center. All staff is hired through the Richstone Family Center except for the Academic Coaches.

  • A Program Manager: Supervising the site coordinators, supporting programming and staffing.
  • A Program Specialist: Supporting the program sites with programming and data collection.
  • 10 Site Coordinators and 1 Assistant: Responsible for coordinating the program at the site.
  • Program Leaders: Responsible for working with the students. One for each 20 students.
  • Academic Coaches: Hawthorne School Teachers who provide academic support and act as liaisons between the after school and the regular program.

The Academic Coaches provide support to after school staff in the design, implementation, monitoring and assessment of the literacy component.


The 3 components of the A.L.L. Program are:

  1. Homework Assistance
  2. Disguised Learning Activities that support Literacy (Reading, Writing and Math)
  3. Enrichment activities are varied and may include karate, computer, dance, music, sports and arts and crafts.